Hiking, Climbing & Cycling in Kaprathos


Karpathos is a diverse island, filled with beautiful landscapes at your disposal to explore and many outdoor activities to participate in. If you are a nature admirer, then you won't run out of new things to see and unique things to do. One of the most famous activities in Karpathos is hiking. There are numerous trails to follow, that offer wild natural beauty. At any trail you choose to explore you'll see unique flowers, plants, animals, water sources, historical monuments and most importantly peace of mind.

Of course like every outdoor activity you need to be careful and well prepared with supplies and equipment. Also, always follow the markings set by the "Friends of mountain" group. In their Facebook page you can find information for many trails and their level of difficulty. Last but not least, find out the emergency contact info of the island in case of emergency.


Many new climbing trails have been recently designed all around Karpathos. Some of the trails are in Finiki, the "Octopus" in Arkasa, several routes in Adeia, in Afiartis, Kastello, Apella, Pigadia and many more. With the right coaching, equipment and mentality, climbing might be your next extreme experience. Find out more at the Climbing Karpathos official website:


Cycling in Karpathos is another interesting activity. You can bring your own or rent a bike from local businesses and follow many trails. You can also choose to take an off road trail or just cruise around the main streets.

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