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Arkasa has about 400 permanent residents, who love and cherish their village. All businesses are created by them with a lot of respect towards their natural heritage and tradition. In the village you can find many restaurants and taverns, coffee shops, bar's, a super market, mini markets, a pharmacy, ATM machines and apparel shops. Everything is in close proximity to one another, which makes Arkasa a walkable area, if your plan is to mostly relax in one place that offers everything.

Finiki port is also a part of Arkasa you shouldn't miss. It's a small fishing village that all local fisherman like to hang out. Usually they fish by the port or keep their boats and traditional "kaikia" there, to go fishing in good days. Therefore one of the most fresh fish in Karpathos you can have, is in Finiki. There are several restaurants , cafeterias, historical monuments, activities, cultural points of interest and several beaches to swim.


Arkasa is a village rich in history. From ancient cities, to an impressive navy force and many pirate stories. The most iconic symbol of the ancient civilisation of "Arkesia" are the monastery of "Agia Sophia" and the old city of "Palaiokastro".

Finiki is the beginning of another heroic story in the more recent history, the journey of "Macolata".


There are many things to do in Arkasa. If you are a sports and adrenaline person you can try:

Also, in close proximity you can find:

Apart from sports, you can enjoy as well many historical monuments, cultural and natural attractions. such as:

You can relax in any of the beautiful beaches Arkasa has to offer. If you like a more alive beach with fun waves and golden sand then you shouldn't miss "Agios Nikolaos" beach. If you want a more quiet beach, you can visit "Agios Theodoros" or Araki beach.
Agios theodoros has the most refreshing and always calm water. It has pebbles and at parts some sand. Furthermore, you can find natural argyle that will give you soft skin and a fun time. Araki is another a beach with larger pebbles and calm water. It also offers a small cave with natural shade. Both of them are ideal snorkelling. Keep in mind that at both beaches you have to walk downhill for a couple of minutes. The downhill in Araki beach is a bit more stiff, whereas in Agios Theodoros is easier.

Overall, some of the beaches you can locate around Arkasa are:

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